Gaming Consoles 90’s- Sega CD: (1991)

The Sega CD from ’91 was arguably one of the best game systems in terms of quality from the 90’s decade. The Sega CD was meant to be more than a dozen times powerful than the Genesis console and allowed players to view full motion videos during gameplay. While the SNES had more popular games overall the Sega CD was without a doubt more superior in terms of quality. When the Sega CD was first released in Japan the game was priced at 49,800 yen while being set at $299 in America. As far as success is concerned the Sega CD did not sell nearly as much as the original Mega Drive console; which is not surprising since Sega CD was pretty much like a modification of the Genesis console. While the Genesis console reached over 30 million in sales Sega CD sold at least 2.24 million since its release back in ’91. The best selling game for Sega CD was Sonic CD from ’93 which reached at least 1.5 million following its release. In terms of quality Sega CD was a more superior game system than Sega Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog also being the main attraction.

While the Sega CD was more than the SNES in terms of quality Sega’s competitor at the time had more high profile video games overall. The Super Mario Bros series along with that of Mega Man X, Final Fantasy and many others created stiff competition that would negatively affect Sega’s game systems in terms of profit during the early to mid 90’s. While the Sega CD may have done poorly in terms of sales in comparison to that of the Genesis console or Dreamcast; the console still held up in terms of quality many years following its release in ’91. While the Sega CD also had other high profile games such as: Shining Force CD, Lunar: The Silver Star, Thunderhawk, Lunar: Eternal Blue and others; those were titles that were definitely overshadowed by the likes of the SNES and the PS1 due the first half of the 90’s decade. The Sega CD was eventually discontinued in ’96 due to the fact that the Sega Saturn was starting to become popular following its release in ’95. It should also be noted that the PS1 was becoming more popular as well following its release in ’94 making it difficult for the Sega CD to become more successful than it was. Either way, the Sega CD is still considered to be a nostalgic piece of hardware that still has pretty high value since its hard to find in used game stores in this day and age.

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