Would King of Fighters 14 work on the Nintendo Switch?

King Of Fighters 14 was a game that was released for the PlayStation back in ’16 and since then it has been on that has been looked upon favorably by many critics. While King Of Fighters 14 might not be the very best installment within the entire series its definitely up there with KOF ’98. The visuals along with the gameplay involving the rush system were all very strong positives for KOF 14. In fact the gameplay for KOF 14 along with graphics looked somewhat similar to Street Fighter V while including its own story mode. Similar to most KOF installments within the series King Of Fighters 14 players can build teams of three and take on various opponents. Also, there were new gameplay mechanics such as Max Mode which were very impressive and allowed players to be as deadly as they can if they mastered it well. The departure from character sprites in KOFXIV has proven that SNK can still compete with the likes of Capcom in terms of providing high quality fighting games.

The idea of having King Of Fighters 14 on the Nintendo Switch sound appealing despite the fact that the game is four years old. However, if SNK had any plans to bring KOFXIV to the Nintendo Switch they most libel would have done so by now. Also, there is still very little that we know about KOFXV that includes the date that it’s going to be released. As far as KOFXIV is concerned some argue it might be better of being ported for the PS5 than appearing on the Nintendo Switch later down the line. But there is always the argument that KOFXIV being a PS4 & Microsoft a Windows exclusive adds to the game’s overall appeal. KOFXIV on the Nintendo Switch sounds cool in theory but the online demand from gamers is not too high; therefore KOFXIV is probably better of remaining on the PS4 & Microsoft Windows.

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