Retro Gaming 90’s- WWF Super Wrestlemania: (1992)

As far as old school wrestling games are concerned there are many people who grew up during the 16-bit era who remember WWF Super Wrestlemania title from 1992. WWF Super Wrestlemania Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim Entertainment and was released for the Super NES and Sega Genesis. The gameplay for WWF Super Wrestlemania was completely different from that of WWF Wrestlefest which came out in ’91. While WWF Wrestlefest was more of an arcade title Super Wrestlemania from ’92 was more technical in terms of gameplay. Also, the 2D visuals for WWF Super Wrestlemania was more realistic than that of Wrestlefest. The WWF Super Wrestlemania game was pretty special because it came out during the final year of the company’s “Golden Era”. The roster for WWF Super Wrestlemania consisted of iconic names within pro wrestling such as: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, The Undertaker, Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels and more. However, it should be noted that certain characters were exclusive to different version of WWF Super Wrestlemania depending on which version of the game players owned. While many people have their own opinions which version of WWF Super Wrestlemania was better it seemed that the Genesis version of the game had the slight advantage over that of the Super NES.

The Genesis version of WWF Super Wrestlemania contained a world championship mode unlike the Super NES version of the game. It should also be noted that wrestlers within the Genesis version of Super Wrestlemania all had their own signature moves another that was absent in the SNES port. Regardless, of which version of WWF Super Wrestlemania one owned both versions were very hard to beat depending on who you ask. There were many people who had trouble pulling off finishing moves on the Genesis version of the game since you only had three buttons to work with on the control pad. There were also a few downsides to the Genesis port of Super Wrestlemania including the lack of crowd animation which was present in the SNES version of the game. While the crowd in the Genesis version looked like a generic paint the SNES port had it where they were moving during each match. It should also be noted that the superstar themes for SNES version of Super Wrestlemania sounded much better while having an arguably better roster overall. WWF Super Wrestlemania is considered to be a memorable classic from the 16-bit era for old school wrestling fans. While WWF Super Wrestlemania may not have been as successful Wrestlefest from ’91 it still managed to spawn a high profile sequel called WWF Royal Rumble in ’93.

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