Does Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite deserve a sequel?

One of the most high profile fighting games from ’17 was Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite which came out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite was the direct sequel to MvC3 which was released back in ’11 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unlike Marvel vs Capcom 3 it a known fact that Mvc: Infinite was not as popular and sold less worldwide following it release in 2017. There had been criticism towards Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite for its departure as it pertains to three on three crossover gameplay; in exchange for two on two tag team action. The visuals for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was also subjected to criticism as people were hoping that the comic book themed art style from MvC3 was going be included in MvC: Infinite as well. Also, the roster for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite seemed underwhelming especially due to the absence of X-Men characters. Its a known fact that characters such as Wolverine, Storm, Rouge, Gambit and Magneto are apart of the X-Men franchise which is now owned by Disney. If anything Disney’s acquisition of the X-Men franchise may have negatively affected the overall quality of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Characters such as Wolverine, Storm Magneto have been included in the super hero crossover series since ’96 when X-Men vs Street Fighter appeared in Japanese arcade centers. The idea of having a Marvel vs Capcom game without X-Men characters seems strange and lackluster to those who have been fans of the series since the mid 90’s. While the absence of X-Men characters had a detrimental affect on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite the game did have its strong points. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite was the first game within the series to have its own campaign mode; which was probably the best feature in the entire game. The cinematic cutscenes along with the voice acting for the campaign mode of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite exceeded the expectations of many people. Also, Ultron Omega made for a very challenging final boss and the build to the climax of the campaign mode in MvC3 was well done. However, aside from the campaign mode in MvC: Infinite there was really nothing else about the game itself that really stood out.

The arcade mode seemed bland and the Mission Mode left much to be desired in the eyes of many people. If Capcom does decide to make a sequel to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite they should revert back to the art style from MvC3. Also, the feature where players could utilize the power of the Infinity Stones during battle was pretty cool. Capcom should include the Infinity Stone game mechanic for a potential sequel while adding more iconic characters from the Marvel series such as Deadpool, Punisher, Black Panther and others. On the Capcom side seeing the return of older characters such as Captain Commando, Jin Saotome would be pretty exciting as well. If Capcom does decide to make another Marvel vs Capcom game the roster definitely needs to be much bigger and have more offline game modes that will add to its overall replay value. While Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite sold over one million copies worldwide it still was not as successful as MvC3 from 2011.

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