Should Capcom release Street Fighter VI in 2022?

As many people are aware the Street Fighter Street Fighter series has been around since ’91 with Capcom’s most recent installment Street Fighter V coming out in 2016. Ever since the release of Street Fighter V a few years ago it has ended up coming one if the most high profile video games of the fighting genre. Street Fighter V has been a huge attraction for the PS4 along with Microsoft Windows; especially with the inclusion of various DLC add-ones which includes additional characters, stages, costumes, etc. The single-player campaign included in Street Fighter V was pretty unique especially since Capcom has never really done anything like it with older installments within the series. The story mode included in Street Fighter V along with the improved gameplay mechanics mainly the addition of new V-Gauge was a significant improvement from what we got from the Street Fighter 4 games that came out between ’08-’14. While many are expecting a Street Fighter VI release some in the future; Capcom has no plans on releasing another Street Fighter title in 2021. In fact, there has been online speculation that the world may not see another major entry within the Street Fighter series until 2022.

There has been no announcements from Capcom regarding an upcoming release in relation to a potential Street Fighter VI game in the future. However, if Capcom does decide to make Street Fighter VI a reality in the future they should retain similar gameplay elements included in SFV; such as: V-Skills, V-Reversals, V-Triggers in addition to the Critical Arts along with slight modifications. The idea of seeing the Unreal Engine 4 on Street Fighter VI sounds appealing as well since it looked magnificent on SFV. The hand drawn artwork in relation to various cutscenes in SFV were impressive along with the 3D animated storytelling within campaign mode. If Capcom does decide to release a Street Fighter VI game in 2022 then they MUST include another campaign mode. Despite, the fact that previous installments within Street Fighter series became popular due to heavily relying on arcade gameplay opposed to storytelling; the cinematic campaign mode in Street Fighter V in someways help revitalize the series since Capcom decided to try something new for change. A majority of the elements that made STV a huge success including the artwork, cinematic cutscenes, game modes, gameplay, and storytelling should be definitely retained in Street Fighter VI to some extent. While Street Fighter VI has yet to be confirmed for a future release many people who are fans of the series would love to see that game for the PS5 and Microsoft Windows in 2022.

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