Should Persona 5 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Persona 5 is arguably one of the most popular RPG that the world has seen within the past decade or so. As many people know Persona 5 was initially released for the PS4 back in ’16 and since then the game has had a tremendous amount of success in countries like Japan and America. Since its initial release the original version of Persona along with the Royal Edition from October 2019 has reached at least 3.4 million copies in terms of overs sales. While there has been talk about the idea of Persona 5 being ported for the Nintendo Switch its still uncertain on whether or not Atlus plans on making it a reality. Also, there the notion that of Atlus really wanted to bring Persona 5 to the Nintendo Switch they would have done so by now. In fact, we never got to see games such as Persona 4 Golden from ’12 on the Switch console either and it was one of the best installments within the series before P5 was released.

In fact, the idea of having P1-P4 games that came out for various consoles between ’96-’12 ported for the Nintendo Switch would definitely appealing to many Switch owners who are huge fans of the RPG genre of gaming. While gameplay and visual artwork for Persona 5 is astounding and the game has received universal acclaim from various gaming publications; some of the older games within the series were impressive as well such as Persona 3 from 2006. Its a well known fact that Nintendo plans on releasing an updated version of the Switch console some in 2021; it would be a perfect time for Atlus to bring P5 Royale to hybrid console sometime in 2021 or 2022. Whether or not Persona 5 will be a huge attraction for the Nintendo Switch is something that is questionable; especially since the Switch version of P5 would most likely be inferior to that of the PS4 port.

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