Upcoming Games- Disgaea 6: Defiance Of Destiny (2021)

One if the few upcoming games that people are talking about as it relates to 2021 is Disgaea 6 which is set to appear on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Disgaea 6: Defiance Of Destiny is an upcoming tactical RPG that will be developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Inc and published by NIS America. One if the more interesting details regarding the release of Disgaea 6 is the fact that the game will only be released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. For some strange reason the PS4 version of Disgaea 6 will remain a Japanese exclusive; while appearing on the Nintendo Switch worldwide during the Summer of 2021. As many people know the Disgaea series has been around since ’03 when hour of Darkness was released for the PS2. While everyone has their own respective opinion on which installment in the series was the best in the series; many argue that Disgaea 2 from ’06 or Disgaea 5 from ’15 stands out the most. It remains to be seen on whether or not Disgaea 6 will be as good compared to its predecessor or Cursed Memories from ’06.

However, it should be noted that Disgaea 6 is supposed have brand new elements of gameplay that has never been seen in previous installments within the series that has yet to be revealed. Players will be able to control the main protagonist Zed as he utilizes his power of Super Reincarnation to battle the God Of Destruction. Zed who is a zombie from the Netherworld alongside with his sister Bieko must find a way to defeat various foes while overcoming the odds while utilizing special abilities in the battle against the God Of Destruction. Disgaea 6: Defiance Of Destiny seems like a game that would be a bigger attraction as a Switch exclusive worldwide than it would be for the PS4. Hopefully, we will learn more information about Disgaea 6 as we get closer to its official release in Summer 2021.

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