Upcoming Games- Monster Hunter Rise: (2021)

One of many upcoming high profile games that will be appearing in the Nintendo this upcoming year is Monster Hunter Rise. It has been reported that Monster Hunter Rise will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and will feature both single-player along with online multiplayer gameplay. Similar to other installments within the series Monster Hunter Rise will allow players to perform a variety tasks that involve killing and capturing creatures in order to survive out in the wilderness. One of the many features about Monster Hunter Rise that people will look forward too includes the absence of lengthy loading screens. Also, players will be provided single massive map that is fairly easy to transverse through as players progress throughout Monster Hunter Rise. There has been mention of new creatures being featured in Monster Hunter Rise in addition to older ones from previous games that are expected to make a return.

The new creatures that have bee confirmed to appear in Monster Hunter Rise includes the Magnamalo, Aknosom, Great Izuchi along with Tetranodon. Players can travel cross open world environments by using creatures like the Palamutes without having to burn out their stamina. Actions that involve climbing, jumping and melee will be utilized throughout the game for exploration purposes. The official release date for Monster Hunter Rise is March 26th of next year. It should also be noted that Monster Hunter Rise will have cross-compatibility with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin which is expected to be released in Q3 2021. While Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise may not be as successful as the game that related for the PS4 back in ’18 it will still be a huge attraction on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most highly anticipated RPG’s for the Nintendo Switch right now and the series is still very popular. It will be interesting to see how well Monster Hunter Rise does in terms of sales following its upcoming release in Q1 2021.

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