Upcoming Games- No More Heroes III: (2021)

No More Heroes III is one of the hottest video games that people are talking about right now as it relates to the Nintendo Switch. It has been confirmed that No More Heroes III will be release md sometime in ’21 on a date that has yet to be revealed. No More Heroes III will be developed and published by Grasshopper Manufacture and will be utilizing the Unreal Engine 4. The story for the game follows the events of No More Heroes II from 2010 and Travis Strikes Again from ’19. Apparently, the main antagonist for No More Heroes III is a humanoid alien creature named FU who was once befriended by wealthy businessman and Damon Riccitiello. It should be noted that story between FU and Riccitiello goes all the way back eight years before the events of original No More Heroes game from ’07. When Riccitiello was a child he gained alien-like powers from his interaction with FU he eventually helped him escape the Earth before the government had a chance to capture him. Following FU’s return to earth Riccitiello learns disturbing details about FU’s past including his role in the destruction of a planet not to far earth.

FU’s actions lead to him being exiled to Blackhole Prison and has apparently escaped while being accompany eight other aliens as well. The setting No More Heroes III takes place 20 years following the prologue for the first game which makes this installment very intriguing. It should also be noted that Travis Touchdown will also return as the main protagonist for No More Heroes III as well. No More Heroes III is a game that people have been waiting to see since 2010 following the release of No More Heroes II for the Wii console. Even though Travis Strikes Again came out back in ’19 many would attest it was not as good as the first two games from ’07-’10. The very first game in the No More Heroes series is considered to be the best; sales wise it reached over 208,000 units in America and was one of the most popular hack and slash adventure games in the United States. It will be interesting to see how well No More Heroes III will perform in terms of sales in 2021.

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