Retro Gaming 10’s- Skullgirls: (2012)

One of the few multi platform fighting games that many people might remember from the early part of the 10’s decade is title called Skullgirls. For those do not know Skullgirls was a 2D fighting game that was in its published by Autumn Games and developed by Revenge Labs prior to its release in May 2012. Skullgirls was released on the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade in various countries such as Australia, Europe and America in 2012; while also being playable for consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Ever since, Skullgirls first game out in ’12 there had been updated versions of the game that appeared on a variety of other game systems between ’14-’17. A modified encore version of Skullgirls appeared on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2014. Skullgirls 2nd Encore appeared on the PS4, PlayStation Vita, OS X, Linux along with the Nintendo Switch between ’16-19 and even had an arcade release in 2016. The optimal quality visuals of Skullgirls was very impressive since it felt similar to the likes of Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R which also came out in 2012.

The three on three crossover gameplay between various characters was also fast paced and exciting because it felt somewhat like Marvel vs Capcom 3 from 2011. Skullgirls had a variety of game mode including Story, Versus, Training along with multiplayer online gameplay. Updated versions of Skullgirls eventually saw the addition game modes such as “Typing Of The Dead” along with “Survival” between and second Encore releases. The background regarding the setting of Skullgirls was intriguing since it looked similar to that of the mid part of the 20th century. The events regarding the game storyline mainly took place in a fictional place called Canopy Kingdom; which resembled America following World War II during the 40’s. The plot was somewhat creative and focused the blessing & curse of an artifact know as the Skull Heart. The wielder of the Skull Heart was required to be pure when granting a wish once after every seven years.

An impure person who wielded with Skull Heart became cursed and would eventually evolve into a monster known as Skullgirl. The events of Skullgirls took place seven years following a war between three nations with a character named Marie being the main antagonist; after she becomes a Skullgirl and started creating havoc in Canopy Kingdom. Skullgirls included various characters who seek to confront Marie to obtain the Skull Heart for their own personal agendas which in a way make them seem more like anti-heroes than traditional ones. As a 2D head to head fighting title many people would probably go on record and argue that its an underrated game in relation to its genre from the early part of the 10’s decade.

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