Retro Gaming 10’s- Scott Pilgrim vs The World: (2010)

The Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie was a cult classic that was released back in 2010. Since its release Scott Pilgrim vs The World has been highly regarded as one of the most popular video game movies of all-time. Despite, Scott Pilgrim movie had a budget of $85 million and earned $48.1 million in the box office the film was praised by various critics for the comedy & excitement the writers brought into it. The concept of being able to rewinding certain parts of the movie after losing a life seemed very creative. Also, the idea of the main character Scott Pilgrim battling Ramona Flowers various exes while seeing a bunch of clever video game references throughout the movie was highly entertaining in the eyes of many. The video game based on the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs The World was also ores special. The Scott Pilgrim video game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft during the Summer 2010. In August 2010 the Scott Pilgrim game appeared on the PlayStation 3 along with Xbox 360. One of the most unique things about the Scott Pilgrim game was that it paid homage to the old-school 16-bit beat em up era of the late 80’s- early 90’s in terms of visual design and gameplay.

The inclusion of 2D pixel art and sprites in the Scott Pilgrim game added to its overall appeal especially in terms of giving retro gamers a strong sense of nostalgia. The Scott Pilgrim game was a beat em up that allowed up to four players with various characters to choose from. Players had the option of selecting the likes of Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Kim Paine, Stephen Stills along with DLC characters Wallace Wells and Knives Chau; while NegaScott was an character that could be unlocked within the game. Similar to just about any other beat em up game players defeat enemies and collect coins in order to increase their overall score. However, the Scott Pilgrim game had some interesting in-game mechanics for a beat em up such as reviving other players using money and sharing currency. Also, the Scott Pilgrim game was a beat em up that had additional game modes outside of Arcade including Boss Rush and Survival Horror. Even through, the Scott Pilgrim game was released over a decade ago for older generation game systems it still holds up pretty well today. In fact, Ubisoft has decided to bring the Scott Pilgrim game to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows and Stadia in Q4 2020. While it guaranteed that the Scott Pilgrim game is going to appear on multiple consoles in 2020; many are questioning whether or not the movie will ever receive a direct sequel in the future.

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