Retro Gaming 00’s- Super Dragon Ball Z: (2006)

When it comes down to older Dragon Ball Z video games from the 00’s there are many people who remember the DBZ Budokai series from ’02-’10: which were among some of the most popular fighting titles of the 00’s. While the Teckaichi series were among the most memorable DBZ games of the 00’s decade there were games such as Super Dragon Ball Z from ’06 that kinda flew under the radar during the PS2 era. For those who do not know Super Dragon Ball Z was an arcade styled fighting game developed by Akira along with Crafts & Meister. Super Dragon Ball Z was also initially published by Bandi Namco Games in Japan before appearing in America where Atari had that same role. Super Dragon Ball Z was unique due to its cartoon/manga like cel-shaded graphics and 3D gameplay. The Super DBZ game received an arcade release for the Namco System 256 in Japan in December 2005 before it appeared in Europe during 2006. The reason why America may not have received an arcade release of Super DBZ is due to the rise in popularity of online gaming and the first person shooter genre during the 00’s decade. Also, the fighting genre in general was not nearly as popular in the 00’s as it was during the 90’s.

Super Dragon Ball Z may not have been as popular as the Budokai or the Legacy Of Goku series from Game Boy Advance but it was definitely a fun game that was better than the likes of DBZ: Sagas or DBZ: Infinite World. Super DBZ featured game modes such as Arcade, Versus, Training along with Z-Survivor. The Shenron Summon mode allowed players to summon the eternal dragon in order to unlock bonus items and additional in game content. Despite, lacking a strong story mode for players who were new to the series critics and various gaming publications gave Super DBZ average reviews. While Super DBZ could have been much better than what it was the game was most likely not meant to be as popular as any of the Budokai games from the 00’s decade.

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