How will Amazon’s Luna service affect Stadia & xCloud in the streaming wars?

It looks like Amazon will apparently be entering the video game streaming wars that exist between the likes of giant tech entities such as Google and Microsoft sometime in the near future. The announcement regarding Amazon’s new video game streaming service known as Luna was made at their 2020 hardware event on September 23th. It turns out that Amazon’s Luna streaming service will grant users access to various games on different platforms including PC, Fire TV, Mac, iOS and Android. It has been mentioned that upon launch the Luna streaming service will be accessible on Android devices; along with the early access subscription being introduced at $5.99 per month. It has been confirmed that the Luna streaming service will include 4K resolution gameplay that runs at 60 FPS. Amazon had also announced that subscribers will be able to purchase a controller made exclusively for the Luna streaming service at the price of $49.99. There have been various video games that will appear on Amazon’s Luna Plus Channel including Resident Evil 7, Panzer, Dragoon, The Surge 2 and many others that have yet to be mentioned. The official release date for the launch of Amazon’s Luna streaming service has yet to be revealed.

As far as Amazon’s Luna streaming service is concerned many are questioning how well it will do in drawing monthly subscription upon its upcoming release. Its obvious that Amazon’s Luna streaming service is going to have to compete with the likes of xCloud & Google Stadia in the future. However, the question is will Amazon’s Luna streaming service be able to compete with both Microsoft & Google. As it currently stands the monthly subscription for Google Stadia is $9.99 per month while xCloud is priced at $14.99. The monthly subscription price for early access of Amazon’s Luna subscription service is significantly less and will also feature a Twitch integration as well. Also, its common knowledge that iPhone/iPad users will not be able to stream video games through xCloud or Google Stadia as well. If Apple allows Amazon to stream video games through Luna than it gives them a significant advantage in the consumer market. But then again with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda for $7.5 billion will definitely affect both Luna & Stadia since it has some of the most popular video game franchises of the modern era. Those who subscribe to Amazon’s Luna streaming service will not be able to play video games within the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored or Doom series. So while Microsoft’s streaming service is the most expensive option out there right now you can get exclusive video games that are and will be very popular that is not accessible through any other monthly subscription. While Amazon’s Luna streaming service is more convenient for gamers in general regarding price and platforms Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda could potentially drive more people to purchase Android devices.

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