Should Capcom develop a MegaMan X9?

As many people know over the past three years or so the Mega Man series has somewhat been in the spotlight as of late. Back in the Summer 2018 Capcom released the Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 which included just about every game with the MMX series from ‘93-‘04. The Mega Man Legacy Collection series was met mainly with positive reviews from gamers and critics alike following its release back in 2018. We also got to see the release of MegaMan 11 back in September 2018 which also received mainly positive reviews as well due to the improvements in visuals and gameplay in comparison to its 2010 predecessor Mega Man 10. There are many people who believe that if Capcom is capable of creating a sequel to a game like Mega Man then surely at some point we will get one for MegaMan X8 which came out back in ‘04. As many long time fans of the Mega Man series are aware the MMX series began to lose its appeal somewhere during the start of the early 00’s; quite possibly following the release of Mega Man X5 in the year 2000. MegaMan X6-X8 are not installments that standout as our as much as the first three entries for the SNES or MMX4-MMX5 for the PS1.

As far as potential future release of MegaMan X9 is concerned it’s unlikely to happen in the future especially since Capcom has no plans to do so. In fact, the producer of Mega Man 11 Kazuhiro Tsuchiya had shot down the online rumors regarding the development of MegaMan X9 back in 2018. While there are many people who would love to see a MegaMan X9 game sometime in the 2020’s decade the fan support among the gaming community specifically those who are long time MM fans is not strong enough. If Capcom ever decided to develop a MegaMan X9 the idea of utilizing 2.5D gameplay and visuals similar to that of MegaMan 11 would be appealing. If Capcom really wanted to try something new and innovative comic book styled artwork & visuals similar to that of Comix Zone or Viewtiful Joe would look pretty cool for a potential MegaMan X9 game.

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