10’s Gaming- Child Of Light: (2014)

As far as 2D platform RPG’s are concerned one of the few titles that Ubisoft developed back in the mid 10’s that many people were impressed by was a game called Child Of Light. This title was released for just about every game system you could think of including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii-U, PS3, PSVita along with Microsoft Windows. There were critics who were fans of various aspects of Child Of Light including the visuals and the ability to swap characters in the game. While the story for Child Of Light was pretty basic it had a female protagonist named Aurora who had a dark yet strange backstory prior to waking up in Lemuria following her death. One of the more interesting aspects of Child Of Light is that the setting for game takes place in the later part of the 19th century. Players take control of the princess named Aurora in the year 1895. Throughout the game players eventually come in contact with other playable characters who joins Aurora on her quest to defeat the main antagonist Umbra also known as the “Queen Of The Night”. There were some shocking revelations within the story for Child Of Light such as Umbra being Norah’s mother and Aurora’s stepmother.

Players also discovered details regarding the connection between Aurora’s world and Lemuria and how Umbra stole the mirror which connected two after rescuing Lady Of The Forest from imprisonment. In her search to retrieve Lemuria’s light in order to utilize the mirror she is searching for Aurora eventually crosses paths with several playable characters with diverse backgrounds. Aurora aligns herself with Rubella, Finn, Norah, Robert, Genovefa and Tristis characters whose stories are all connected the main plot in some way. The frequent visions that Aurora had throughout Child Of Light definitely made the story itself more intriguing; opposed to your average 2D platform game with a basic plot with little to no story depth. While many people would live to see a direct sequel to the Child Of Light game from ‘14 Ubisoft creative director Patrick Plourde has confirmed that there will be none.

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