Microsoft opening their own gaming academy?

As far as interesting news is concerned within the world of gaming one of the few things that has been making headlines lately is Microsoft’s plans to create their own academy. Its has been announced that Microsoft has recently launched their own online digital workshop for those who seek to become gaming developers in the future. The name of Microsoft’s new online academic program is called Xbox Academy and its one that will show people the basics in 3D game design. It has been said that Xbox Academy will be ran jointly with Playground Games and East London Arts and Music, Games London for Microsoft’s upcoming academic curriculum as it relates to video game development. It has been confirmed that Microsoft’s Xbox Academy will be offering four 90 minute online sessions between September 12th & 13th. Unfortunately, the online sessions that will occur between the September 12th & 13th will only have limited spaces available. For those who want to sign up to participate in those online sessions they can do so through the workshop event page while they still can.

For those who register they will receive a pre-workshop package which will outline requirements or each session. Those who register for the session will have the opportunity to utilize software such as the Unity Engine while working with other 3D materials as well. There has been rumors regarding the inclusion of additional workshop sessions outside the two dates that have already been listed. As it currently stands we still wait to hear about more information regarding Microsoft’s Xbox Academy in relation to their curriculum and future session dates.

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