Gotham Knights Confirmed For Release in 2021!!!

As far as big announcements are concerned in relation to upcoming games the world has recently discovered that a new Batman game is set to be released next year. Gotham Knights has been confirmed for a release in ‘21 and it will be developed by WB Games Montreal the same entity that worked on the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Origins game from 2013. It has been revealed that Batman: Gotham Knights will be released for various game systems including PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows in a date that has yet to be revealed. A worldwide trailer for Gotham Knights was released on August 22nd and featured superheroes such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Wing. The overall tone of the reveal trailer for Gotham Knights feels dark and the premise to the game’s story is that billionaire Bruce Wayne aka Batman has died due to a “fatal accident”.

After Bruce’s cohorts receive his pre-recorded message following his death Gotham City becomes infested with criminal activity. Based on what was seen in the trailer itself it seems like the Court of Owls and possibly Mr. Freeze will be the main antagonists for Gotham Knights. While the genre Gotham Knights has yet to be confirmed we do know that RPG-like elements will be included within the game. Many are speculating that Gotham Knights will be an action-adventure video game similar to the Batman trilogy from ‘09-‘15. There are many people who are excited Gotham Knights especially since the trailer has a similar vibe to the Marvel Avengers game the recently came out. Hopefully, we will get an official release date for Gotham Knights within the next few months or so before the start of 2021. Gotham Knights looks like its going to be a very promising game that has the potential to exceed the expectations of the masses.

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