Facebook scolds Apple’s App Store policies

It seems like Apple has been making enemies left and right as it pertains to their App Store policies. Recently, Apple found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Epic Games for removing Fortnite from their App Store. Apple’s removal of Fortnite was a response to Epic Games setting up a way to receive direct payments for consumer purchases within their App Store; while cutting the company out of receiving their 30% profit from the revenue generated by the game itself. While Epic Games is with Apple is gaming related the same thing could be said about Facebook but with different scenario. It turns out that Facebook had to remove their their mini-game feature from their Gaming App as it was supposed to run on iOS. The removal of Facebook’s mini-games was reportedly due to the strict guidelines that Apple has enforced in regards to their iPhone/iPad product lines which had the company as a whole displeased to say the least.

The statement made by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in relation the this issue was “Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality entirely in order to get Apple’s approval on the standalone Facebook Gaming app”. Sandberg also mentioned how Android users will have a far more superior gaming experience with the Facebook app than iOS users would. At this point it has seemed like Apple has managed to alienate themselves from various gaming & technology based entities; which has people wondering how Apple’s fallouts with companies such as Epic Games, Facebook, Microsoft and Google is going to affect them on a financial level. There is definitely no question that big tech corporations are finding it more intolerable to collaborate with Apple due to their strict guidelines. However, its possible that one of the reasons that the strict guidelines were created is because Apple wants more people to become invested in their products such as Apple Arcade which launched in September 2019. Since the Q4 2019 Apple has also been at competition with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Sony and it would not be surprising if the company wanted to profit more off of their products.

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