Epic Games clashes with Apple over Fortnite!!!

As many people know by know Epic Games has filed an Antitrust lawsuit against Apple for removing Fortnite from their App Store. Apple removing Fortnite from their App Store was a response to Epic Games setting up a way to receive profit from Fortnite revenue once players downloaded the app from their store. Apple was supposed to receive 30% of revenue that Epic Games made from Fortnite and apparently the company violated that agreement in some way; which forced Apple to take the action that they did in removing Fortnite from their App Store. This conflict between the two companies raised two questions one being if Apple violated any antitrust laws; the second being whether or not Epic Games violated any type of contractual agreement they may of had with Apple. While its unclear what type of agreement both Apple & Epic Games has in relation to Fortnite some would agree that this situation does not reflect well on either company.

The issue between both Apple & Epic Games is mainly a monetary dispute which a big deal considering the fact that Fortnite earned over 1.8 billion in revenue in 2019. Fortnite is one of the most popular video games of the 10’s decade and has earned a ton of money since its inception back in 2017. While Apple would not have profited from having Fortnite in their App Store removing the game altogether could discourage gamers from buying any of their products such as iPhone & iPad in the future. While Apple might lose a substantial amount of money from alienating gamers many people purchase their technology for way more than just video games. However, its a well known fact that Google Stadia is not accessible on iOS and can only be used by those who own Android phones. Also, from the looks of things Microsoft’s xCloud will not be appearing on iOS either which makes people wonder even more about Apple as it pertains to their future in relation to gaming. Hopefully, we will learn more details about this ongoing feud between Apple & Epic Games along with the future of Fortnite as it pertains to fans of the gaming franchise who are also Apple users as well.

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