PlayStation 5 unable to produce 4K gameplay?

There have been rumors swirling around as of late about the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and whether not it will be able to run games in 4K resolution. While it has been implied that Sony’s next generation console would produce 4K resolution the uncertainty regarding that detail has increasing over the past couple of days. Recently, gaming analyst Jeff Grub has made comments that implied that Sony’s PS5 would not be up to the task in terms of living up to the expectations of gamers who hope for 4K gameplay. Jeff Grub described the Smartshift Technology of the PS5 as “worrisome” and could create obstacles for video game developers which affect the overall quality of their games on that console. Grub had mentioned how the PS5 is significantly different than last generation consoles considering the fact that it operates in a different way. Grub stated that the “PS5 moves power between the CPU and the GPU and developers really haven’t had to worry about that; especially on consoles in the past”. Also, another gaming analyst by the name of Dusk Golem mentioned how he knew developers who had issues producing games for the PS5 as well.

While 4K resolution gameplay for the PlayStation 5 is one that has been called into question as of late its guaranteed that the Xbox Series X will have that feature. In fact, Microsoft’s next generation console expected to be roughly around the same price range as the PS5 both of which has yet to be revealed. Even though, rumors of the PS5 not having 4K resolution gameplay have been debunked by Sony fans; it still makes the Xbox Series X seem like a more desirable choice for gamers during the holiday season in 2020. While the blu-ray tracing and haptic features of the PS5 are intriguing it would ultimately be considered a more inferior console than the Xbox Series X without 4K resolution gameplay. But based on earlier reports from the months of March to June 2020 it had been confirmed that the PS5 would support both 4K & 8K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate. It will be interesting to see how gamers react to both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X following their respective releases in late 2020.

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