Should Sega focus more on 16-bit gaming in the future?

The Sega Genesis was one of the best game systems of the late 80’s-early 90’s. Since its release back in ‘89 the Sega Genesis had reached over 30 million units worldwide in terms of sales. Despite, not selling quite as much as its competitor the 16-bit SNES the console itself is iconic. The Sega Genesis is the console that introduced Sonic the Hedgehog to the world and gave us games such as GunStar Heroes, Streets Of Rage 2 along with the Shining and Phantasy Star series. In fact, Sega is known more their 16-bit video games than anything the company had produced on the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast between the mid early 00’s. While Dreamcast did have a few games such as Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone & Sonic Adventure 2 that stood out the console itself did poorly in comparison to the Sega Genesis from a sales standpoint. Its not that Sega generally make terrible 3D games the issue is more rooted in the fact that console wars have become more competitive. The products that entities such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo produce seems to evolve with each passing generation.

While Sony & Microsoft have systems that feature some of the best 3D video games ever made Sega is not known for producing high definition three dimensional titles that reached astronomical numbers in sales. Some would argue that Sega would be better off producing more 16-bit games in the future similar to Sonic Mania became it appeals to retro gamers more their 3D titles. The idea of seeing more games on the Retro Engine sound very cool especially considering how polished Sonic Mania looked following its release in 2017. Sonic Mania had also been one of Sega’s more high profile games that attracted mainstream attention within the past few years. If Sega decided to return their roots and focus more on creating 16-bit video games it would be a breath of fresh air within the gaming world. There have been pixal art titles such as Stardew Valley & Shovel Knight from the 10’s decade that appeared on various game systems and were big attractions because of their retro-like appeal. If Sega decided to focus more on producing pixel art titles similar to how they did with Sonic Mania it would be to the delight of many people within the gaming world.

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