Will G4-TV be a huge attraction in 2021?

One of the biggest news in related to gaming that people have been talking about as of late is the return of G4 TV. As many people know the gaming channel was originally launched back in April 2002 and was ultimately closed down five years ago in late December of 2014. G4 TV was a popular gaming channel which mainly appealed to young adults primarily males between the ages of 18-35; the channel focused on news, reviews and commentary in relation to popular trends within the gaming world. As it currently stands G4 TV has been teased for a return sometime next year on a date that has yet to be revealed. However, its mainly unknown what shows are going to be featured on G4-TV following its upcoming launch in 2021. In fact, we have no idea whether or not G4-TV will reappear as a Twitch stream or a VOD service as of yet. Either way, the return of G4-TV has trending a few dats ago on Twitter and had many people in various gaming communities around the world buzzing.

Back in the early 00’s G4-TV started off as a paid television channel and was very popular when it presented to viewers within that format. While Twitch & YouTube are far more popular nowadays due social media some would argue that making G4-TV as a paid television channel would not be a big of an attraction. However, the COVID-19 pandemic can indirectly contribute to the success of G4-TV next year especially since its not going to die down anytime soon. Many gamers are more likely to check out G4-TV especially since social activity in countries like America are limited due to the ongoing pandemic that the country currently faces. Hopefully, we will learn more details on what to expect from G4-TV within the next few months before its upcoming launch in 2021.

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