Mass Effect Trilogy Artbook Confirmed For 2021!!!

One of the few stories that has been making headlines as of late concerns the Mass Effect Trilogy from 2012 and how a new art book will available in retail sometime in the near future. The Mass Effect Trilogy was released back ‘12 for game systems such as PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 and included downloadable content based on what version of the game players purchased. Based on what we know the new art book for the Mass Effect Trilogy is expected to appear in retail in February 2021; but the game is currently available for pre-order at Amazon for $29.47. Based on what we know the Art Of the Mass Effect Trilogy is expected to include new concept art for DLC content that appeared in each game. Also, The Art Of The Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition will most likely have around 90 pages of brand new content which is something that will definitely arouse the interest of long time fans of the series.

While many people are excited about the up Artbook for the Mass Effect Trilogy the question people are asking themselves is whether or not EA will make a remaster version of all three games or not. In fact, there are some who wonder whether or not we will see a Mass Effect 4 in the future. Its common knowledge that the Mass Effect series has been on a hiatus due to the controversy surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3 since it was considered to be a let down by critics and fans alike. There is no word on whether or not Electronic Arts plans on remastering the Mass Effect Trilogy or possibly coming out with a potential Mass Effect 4 game; the Mass Effect Trilogy Artbook that we are going to get next year is something that is definitely worth checking out.

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