Upcoming Games- The Pathless: (2020)

As far as upcoming games are concerned in relation to this year one of the few indie titles to be on the lookout for right now is The Pathless. For those who do not know The Pathless is an adventure game with a very basic cliche plot that involves banishing darkness from the world. The Pathless is game developed by video game developer known as Giant Squid and published by Annapurna Interactive that is set to appear on multiple game consoles including PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows , iOS along with PlayStation 5. The game sees players controlling a hunter who is an expert at archery as they hunt down corrupted spirits. The Pathless is packed with secrets and puzzle games that players will eventually run into as they explore the ancient runes. As players progress throughout the game they eventually develop a bond with an eagle who eventually becomes their companion as they seek to complete their quest.

One of few things that stands out the most about The Pathless are the optimal visuals along with the gameplay. The Pathless looks like a game that would be a bigger attraction on Apple Arcade than it would the PlayStation 4 or the PS5 especially since 3D indie games like it attract more attention on that game system. In fact, if the Pathless was a Apple Arcade exclusive it would probably add to its overall value since it would difficult for gamers to get their hands-on. The Pathless will also be appearing on Apple Arcade as well we still have no official release date as it relates to 2020. Hopefully, The Pathless will be released sometime before or around the holiday season this year. Worst case scenario is that the release date for The Pathless gets pushed back to 2021. The release date for The Pathless will most likely be revealed in next few months or so since we are more than halfway through 2020.

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