Grand Theft Auto V set for PS5 & XSX release in 2021!!!

As far as upcoming releases are concerned in relation to next year one of the most successful video games of the 10’s decade GTA: V has been confirmed to appear on next generation consoles in 2021. Based on what we know Grand Theft Auto will be appearing on the PlayStation 5 along with the Xbox Series X sometime between Q3/Q4 of 2021. As many people know GTA: 5 had record breaking sales since its initial release for the PS4 back in 2013; RockStar’s action-adventure video game has reached at least 120 million in sales and has become one of the best selling PS4 titles of all-time. The idea of having GTA: V on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X would be nice considering the fact that we are still waiting to learn more about its highly anticipated sequel Grand Theft Auto 6.

We do no know to much about Grand Theft Auto 6 other than the fact that it should be appearing on next generation consoles PS5 & XBX sometime between 2021-2022. The online multiplayer mode was one of the biggest attractions of Grand Theft Auto V aside from the main story and there is no doubt that it will continue to be the case for the next couple of years or so. Grand Theft Auto V has not only appeared on the PS4 since 2013 but it has been on multiple game systems including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and has arguably had more success than any other game in the series which started in 1997. It will be interesting to see how much GTA: V reaches in overall sales after it appears on the PS5 & XBX within the next few years.

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