Upcoming Games- Eldest Souls: (2020)

As far as upcoming games are concerned in relation to this year one of the few titles that will be making a PC appearance very soon one known as Eldest Gods. For those who do not know Eldest Gods is an indie game developed by Fallen Flag Studio and published by United Label & CI Games which is expected to appear sometime in Summer 2020 on a date that has yet to be revealed. The plot for Eldest Souls is somewhat dark yet intriguing for a 2D pixelated video game. In Eldest Souls players control an unnamed warrior who has the mission of slaying the gods that were responsible for bringing destruction and desolation across the world. The devastation brought on to the world by ancient gods was done out of vengeance due to the rise of Great Kingdoms that had forsaken the temples of worship. The gods have been locked away inside of an ancient temple known as Citadel and the main . protagonist is expected to slay them all.

Along with NPC’s and grim mysteries Eldest Souls is a title that indie gamers can easily get into. Even though, Eldest Souls is a fantasy based action game the storyline alone is unlike anything one would see in a generic action game. Despite, not having an in-depth plot along with a backstory that surrounds the main character the retro pixelated visuals is one of the few things that will contribute to the overall appeal of Eldest Souls. This is a game that appeared back at E3 2019 last summer and since then people have been anxious to see it appear on PC since then. Based on what we know Eldest Souls is also expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch alongside being available for Steam if you are a PC user. It will interesting to see how successful Eldest Souls will be following its upcoming release before the end of 2020.

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