Upcoming Games- Catherine: Full Body (2020)

As far as upcoming games are concerned one of the few titles within the platform genre that will be receiving a big release next month is Catherine: Full Body for the Nintendo Switch. For those who are unaware Catherine: Full Body is an enhanced & updated port of the original ’11 game that appeared on the PlayStation 4 back in February 2019. Catherine: Full Body was initially released in Japan in February of last year before in countries like America & Europe in September 2019. The original version of the Catherine game was praised by critics and fans alike for its storyline despite its level of difficulty. Also, Catherine was one of the most creative 3D platformers of 10’s decade with the inclusion of puzzle games and dream/nightmare levels. The visuals design for the stages along with the character dialogue for Catherine was intriguing and the updates made in the Full Body version added more replay value to an already enjoyable game. Catherine: Full Body had included several new cutscenes for purposes of character development with Rin, Catherine and Katherine along with additional endings for each. It should be noted that the PS4 version Catherine: Full Body also has an online battle mode along with at least twice as many stages as the original ’11 version of the game.

Catherine: Full Body also contained new music along with DLC characters that were not included in the original game which is something that will contribute its appeal. Hopefully, all of the features included in the PS4 version of Catherine: Full Body will also be available on the Switch version of the game following its upcoming release in July 2020. Despite, being a third party platformer on a console where Mario & Zelda games seems to outshine everything else Catherine: Full Body definitely as the potential to be one of the biggest attraction for the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020. It will be interesting to see how successful Catherine: Full Body will be on the Switch console especially since the PS4 version from ’19 was praised for its improvements from the original game.

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