Upcoming Games- Bushiden: (2021)

When it comes down to upcoming indie games for next year one of the few titles that some people are talking about includes an futuristic action platformer called Bushiden. For those who do not know Bushiden will be a game developed and published by an indie company known as Pixel Arc Studios. This upcoming indie does not yet have an official release date and is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch along with Microsoft Windows in 2021. Originally, Bushiden was expected to be released this upcoming Summer in August 2020; but its possible that its been postponed due to its lack of completion along with everything in the world slowing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding for this 2D ninja platformer began through a kickstarter campaign began back in Fall 2018 and since then many people have been anticipating the official release of the game itself. Based on what we know Bushiden will be more of a metroidvania like platformer in which the game has a basic plot which features a main protagonist controlled by the player.

Also, players must utilized the unnamed protagonist to stop the main antagonist named Gaoh following his resurrection. Not only do players have to deal with Gaoh but players must also stop his cybernetic army that has also been brought back to life as well. The graphics and visuals for Bushiden looks pretty cool especially since it looks like something from 16-bit Genesis/Megadrive era of gaming from the late 80’s-early 90’s. As an indie title Bushiden has the ability to be one of the best 2D action-platformers of 2021. If Bushiden is popular enough and has a successful sales record following its upcoming release it could possibly have its own sequel sometime later in the 20’s decade.

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