Was Injustice 2 the best fighting game of the late 10’s?

When we think about critically acclaimed fighting games from the 10’s decade its almost impossible to have that conversation without talking about the two Injustice titles released between ’13-’16. While the first Injustice game from 2013 was impressive its ’16 prequel received a ton of mainstream publicity and was very popular among critics from various gaming entities. In fact, Injustice 2 was a game that arguably surpassed the likes of Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V in terms of popularity as it relates to the mid 10’s. Injustice 2 had a storyline that followed the events from the first game and revolves around Batman’s dedication to rebuilding society along with his insurgents following the fall of Superman’s regime. Despite, Superman’s ruthless and dictatorial personality Batman gambles with the idea of freeing him from imprisonment to deal with a new group of super-villains lead by Brainiac known as the Society. Injustice 2 had a captivating storyline with two different endings depending on whether or not Batman defeated Superman or vice-versa after defeating each other’s teammates. In addition to having a great cinematic story mode Injustice 2 included other exciting features included game modes such as Multiverse, Arcade, Online and Verses which added to the overall replay value of the game itself.

Some of the biggest names within the DC universe were included in Injustice 2 such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, SuperGirl, Harley Quinn and many others. While Injustice 2 managed to be a huge commercial success following its release in May 2017 there were definitely fighting games like Dragonball FighterZ from early ’18 a run for its money in relation to popularity as it relates to the late 10’s in general. While most critics and casual gamers believe Injustice 2 was one of the coolest fighting games ever made there are most likely people out there who are not huge DC fans at all. While Injustice 2 may be one of the best fighting games of the 10’s decade everyone as their own personal opinion on which deserved to be named number one overall. As far as the 10’s as a whole is concerned Injustice 2 would most likely be within top ten as far as best fighting games are concerned depending on who you ask.

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