Retro Gaming 10’s- Rock Band 3: (2010)

Sometimes its hard to believe that is been about decade since Rock Band 3 was released. Rock Band 3 was arguably the best installment within the entire series since its ’07 inception depending on who you ask. While various people have their opinions on which Rock Band Games has been the best for over the past ten years many critics were highly positive on this particular installment developed by Harmonix and published by MTV Games & Mad Katz. There were several noticeable improvements in Rock Band 3 in comparison to that of its ’08 predecessor including an in-depth career mode along with the inclusion with just as much music on the disc. In addition, to having a more in-depth career mode Rock Band 3 included a multiplayer mode that could feature up to seven players opposed to its prequel which only allowed up to four. Players had several instruments to choose from such as: lead guitar, drums and keyboard along with a variety of different levels to select ranging from easy to expert. Similar to previous installments Ayers were expectedly earn as many points as they possibly could during song while they had their own individual star rating based on their performances following each track.

There were over 80 songs on the disk for Rock Band 3 which included music from various genres including rock, metal, pop with popular tracks from the 60’s-00’s. Players also had the freedom to toggle between having Pro Mode on and off depending on how experienced they were as band which would allow them to improve at their own pace; the Overdrive feature also came in handy within Rock Band 3 as players could double the amount of points their band earned as a whole. Rock Band 3 was music video game that outshined titles such as Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock which also came out in 2010 and even Guitar Hero V from ’09 to some extent. Despite, being released for consoles such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii Rock Band 3 underperformed in sales. Throughout, the 10’s music genre of gaming has taken a back seat to the likes of RPG’s, first-person shooters and action-adventure type video games which may have impacted the sales of titles such as Rock Band 3. Either way, Rock Band 3 is still a game that deserved the praise that it received back in 2010; since it may have been one of the best titles within its genre as it pertains to the 10’s decade.

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