Will King Of Fighters XV surpass its prequel in popularity?

King Of Fighters XV is one of the highly anticipated fighting games that is expected to appear on game systems such as PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows sometime in 2020. As many people already know King Of Fighters XV was announced at EVO 2019 and since then we have not received too many details about the upcoming fighting game. We have not seen any games or learned about new features to expect for King Of Fighters XV. Seeing how many people enjoyed King Of Fighters XIV was well received by critics following its release in 2016 bring back some features from that game and improving upon them extensively would definitely be something that people would like to see. Despite, receiving great reviews from various gaming publications such as IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot the 3D character models used in KOF XIV was subjected to criticism. Long time fans of the series were not too thrilled about SNK moving away from highly refined 2D sprites in favor of 3D character models and gameplay resembling that of Super Street Fighter IV.

While we have no idea what kind of art style to expect in King Of Fighters XV many people are anxious to know what potential new characters will be included in the game. Also, there has been speculation on what the story for the game will revolve around. Hopefully, the cutscenes feature from KOF XIV will remain in King Of Fighters XV since it adds life to the story mode in general. While there is still no official release date for KOF XV its almost that we should see the release of this game before the end of 2020.

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