Will the PS5 DualSense become the best controller Sony has ever made?

One Of the few topics that everyone has been talking about within the gaming world as of late is Sony’s reveal of the PS5 DualSense controller which set to be released alongside with the console itself later in 2020. Based on what we know the PS5 DualSense it looks like something that is going to be far more promising than what we saw for the PS4 controller this past generation. Not only will the PS5 DualSense controller have a longer battery life than that of the PS4 but the haptic features included will add more life and realism to overall gaming experience of every player who purchases Sony’s ninth generation console. In addition to new haptics features which people have been talking months about before the official reveal of the PS5 DualSense the controller also has additional features that make it more interesting in comparison to the PS4 D-Pad. We have also learned that the PS5 DualSense would include adaptive triggers on the L & R buttons of the controller along with a each control pad having a built in microphone so players can communicate with each online during gameplay.

As it currently stands there is no current price for the PS5 DualSense but many are under the impression that it will be priced around the same range as the PS4 which was initially $59.99 following its release in late-2013. But seeing how the features and overall quality of the PS5 DualSense outclasses that of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller its likely that it will be slightly more expensive. The PS5 DualSense definitely has the potential to become the best gaming controller that Sony has ever made since ’94. The features and even the brand new look of Sony’s ninth generation console and controller seem like progressive steps in the right direction for the company as it continues to compete with the likes of Nintendo, Google and even Microsoft to some extent in relation to gaming.

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