Could Suikoden have worked on the SNES in ’95?

When we think about classic yet underrated 2D JRPG’s from the 90’s one of the few games that come to mind is the original Suikoden installment from 1995. As many people know the first two Suikoden games were released for the PS1 between ’95-’99. While the first Suikoden game may have been a solid JRPG for the PS1 it was definitely overshadowed by various other role-playing games such as Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII; While Final Fantasy VII was the second best selling game for the PS1 not too many people remember or have even heard of the Suikoden series. Suikoden was an RPG that had an intriguing plot which involved uncovering corruption within the Scarlet Moon Empire among top officials while the main protagonist is starting his career within the group’s imperial army. The story, graphics and gameplay for Suikoden were definitely fitting for the SNES but Konami decided not to make it a reality due to the success of the PS1 throughout the second half of the 90’s.

While Suikoden may have been overshadowed on the PS1 the SNES also had its share of popular RPG’s during the early to mid 90’s as well. We got to see iconic 16-bit RPG’s like Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars, Final Fantasy VI and many others that could have competed or outshined Suikoden on the SNES. Also, by the time we got ’95 the Super NES was starting to lose its appeal since the console had bed around since 1990; people were becoming increasingly more interested in 3D gaming than the PS1 during the mid 90’s. If anything Suikoden feels like a game that was released a few years to late. If the original Suikoden game was released anytime between the ’90-’93 time period for the SNES the game definitely could have been a success for the 16-bit console.

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