Retro Gaming 90’s- Comix Zone: (1995)

When we think about unique beat em up classics that emerged from the 90’s that are considered to be underrated Comix Zone from 1995 is one of the few games that instantly comes to mind. For those who do not know Comix Zone developed by the Sheva Technical Institute which eventually went defunct in ’96. Comix Zone was published by Sega and released for the Genesis and despite how cool the game was it apparently was overshadowed due the mid 90’s due to the console wars. Comix Zone was released at a time where the Sega Genesis was competing with Super Nintendo and when the PS1 was starting to become very popular worldwide. The cool thing about Comix Zone was the fact that it was an action-platforms unlike anything one at ever seen prior to ’95. The comic book sketch-like graphics were incredible and the game itself had a pretty creative yet unique concept. Also, the plot for Comix Zone was very intriguing as it saw a starving artist see his creation come to life in the form of a powerful mutant named Mortis. Throughout, the game Mortis serves as the main antagonist after being brought to life following a thunderstorm where lighting strikes the comic book of the main character Sketch Turner.

In Comix Zone players are able to take action in terms of battling enemies with basic functions such as the ability to punch, kick along with the ability to transform in “Super Sketch” which was very effective in terms of dealing with powerful foes. Most players were better off using the six-button control pad for the Sega Genesis for convenience purposes but they also had the option of using a three button controller as well. Another cooler thing about Comix Zone is that Comix Zone had two different endings depending on how the game was completed. The idea of trying to defuse a nuclear weapon that was capable of wiping out humanity made for an interesting plot especially considering the fact that Mortis was created by Sketch Turner himself. While Comix Zone a game that was critically acclaimed for the Sega Genesis during the mid 90’s some would argue that it could have possibly been more successful if it were released before ’94. The art style in Comix Zone at the time was very impressive and in some ways looked like Viewtiful Joe which was not released until ’03 for PS2 and GameCube. As cool as Comix Zone was the game unfortunately never received a direct sequel on the Sega Genesis, Saturn or even the Dreamcast console during the 90’s.

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