Was Secret Of Evermore overshadowed on the SNES during the mid 90’s?

When we think about RPG classics for the SNES the are many titles that come to mind such as Secret Of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG and others that were considered to be gems for the 16-bit console. However, there were also games such as the Secret Of Evermore which was a solid RPG and was highly praised by critics that were seeming overlooked on the SNES during the mid 90’s. While Secret Of Evermore was released in America in October 1995 the game appeared all throughout the PAL region in February 1996. The Secret Of Evermore was supposed be released in Japan sometime in ’96 but was eventually cancelled. Despite, being as enjoyable as the likes of Final Fantasy IV or Chrono Trigger Secret Of Evermore never achieved the same levels of popularity as those games. Earthbound from ’94 had a similar problem because while the game is considered to be legendary and cult classic by retro gamers the game itself felt outdated. During the mid 90’s there were more people in both America and Japan who were more interested 3D gaming;especially since the PS1 and the Sega Saturn were both released between ’94-’95.

Not to mention the fact the the N64 ended up being released in mid ’96 which possibly made people lose interest in the SNES which had been available in retail since November of 1990. While Secret Of Evermore looked beautiful on the 16-bit SNES game system its an RPG title that could hav Bedigian a much bigger attraction if it were released sometime between 1990-1993. Also, the Final Fantasy series was obviously the best thing that Squaresoft had going at the time; pretty much any other RPG they despite how good they were was going to be overshadowed by the Final Fantasy series in someway.

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