Can Riot Games Valorant shooter title rival Overwatch in popularity?

As far as upcoming releases are concerned one of the few things that everyone is talking about is Riot Games upcoming third-person shooter title Valorant that will be released sometime in the future. At this point everyone knows how much success Riot Games has with League Of Legends had throughout the 10’s decade following 2009. Overwatch is a game that has been around since 2016 and for a online multiplayer first person shooter title it had and still has a high replay value. Blizzard Entertainment has been making great titles since the 90’s and within the past twenty years we saw memorable games such as World Of WarCraft (2004), StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty (2010) and Diablo III (2012) from the company. Aside from League Of Legends Riot Games has not really produced any high profile games within the past decade which has people questioning on whether or not the company can rival Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch with Valorant. While Valorant has recently been compared to Overwatch there really been no mention on what her or not the game is meant to rival it in any way.

Based on what we know Valorant will be a tactical shooter where different characters will have supernatural powers. The idea of having a shooter title with a touch of supernatural fantasy is one that seems appealing of itself and if any particular game company can possibly pull it off its Riot Games. At this point we have no idea what game systems Valorant will appear on and whether or not it will be released within 2020.

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