Is Google Stadia a threat to Steam?

There had been people who have various opinions on the Google Stadia since its launch back in November 19th. While the Google Stadia is popular for features that involves streaming games at 4K resolution there are people who have been skeptical about the service especially after the beta version was initially released a couple of months ago. Even though, it seems like streaming is becoming increasingly popular as it pertains to cloud gaming there are definitely those who still prefer to download video games through Steam. After all, Steam has been around since 2003 and has seeming become more mainstream during the 10’s decade in comparison to the 00’s. Players get to enjoy demos of indie games before their official release date and the joy of downloading games on their PC is much more convenient than going to a local retailer to buy CD’s or disks. As far as whether or not the Google Stadia is threat to Steam or not is definitely a topic that is open for debate; especially since many people have different preferences as it relates to gaming.

There are still a lot of people who enjoy physical home consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One because they grew up in a time period where game systems were huge attraction before the rise of online gaming. But it seems like home consoles are slowly beginning to decline in popularity while gaming corporations such as Microsoft & Nintendo are also interested in focusing more on streaming services. While PC gaming seems more popular now than ever its highly doubtful that Steam will see a sharp decline in popularity throughout the 2020’s decade. But there is no question that streaming services and cloud-based gaming will definitely see a dramatic increase in popularity throughout the 20’s decade.

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