Will the PlayStation 5 be Sony’s final game console?

There has been a lot of speculation as of late regarding the future of Sony gaming as it pertains to the PlayStation 5. Rumors have been circulating that the PlayStation 5 night possibly be Sony’s final console due to the fact that gaming in general has been evolving especially within the last decade. It seems like companies such as Microsoft and Google plans on placing more emphasis on targeting mobile gamers since almost everyone now has a smartphone nowadays. While Project Scarrlet is also one that is speculated to be Microsoft’s final game system the company has been interested in focusing more cloud based since 2017 when the Xbox One X was first released. There has also been speculation that Nintendo is planning on focusing more on mobile gaming in future most likely after the Nintendo Switch starts to get old around the mid part of the 2020’s decade.

Also, while Sony has not confirmed that the PS5 will indeed be the company’s final game system this something that is really big. Sony has been producing game consoles since 1994 when they released the PS1. Sony had released the PS2 back in late 2000 and since then has become the best selling game console in history. While the PS3 managed to reach at least 87 million in sales it still came short of that of the PS2 which reached over 150 million units sold. As far as the PS4 is concerned its probably the best selling console of the 10’s decade since its reached over 100 million units in sales since its initial release in November 2013. While the PS4 did excellent sales throughout most of the 10’s decade the truth is Sony will never have another console that sells as much as the PS2. Gaming consoles are slowly becoming obsolete and mobile gaming along with cloud-based gaming are starting to become more popular. Not to mention PC users have a ton of fun on Steam along with the fact that Virtual Reality gaming has yet to reach its peak in terms of technology in general.

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