RockStar Games Co-Founder Reportedly Leaving The Company Soon!!!!

As far as shocking news is concerned in relation to the gaming world is concerned a lot of people are currently talking about the latest announcement regarding the departure of RockStar Games Co-Founder Dan Houser. For those who may not know Dan Houser is a video game developer that has been around since late 1998 the same year that Rockstar Games was founded. Since the late 90’s Dan Houser has been involved in countless video game classics that we have seen from RockStar Games throughout the 00’s and 10’s decade. Dan Houser has the producer of games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption I & II which were all very high profile titles following their respective releases. Dan Houser also served as a writer for a majority of the GTA series along with Red Dead Redemption I & II and a voice actor for a couple of titles during his time with RockStar Games. At the moment we still have no idea on why the British video game developer decided to leave RockStar Games.

Its common knowledge that Dan Houser had took an extended break from RockStar Games back in Spring 2019 and that his last day with company is expected to fall on March 11th if this year. Not only is the gaming world waiting for an explanation from Dan Houser involving his departure but people are wondering how it will affect RockStar Games as a whole. Since Dan Houser has been a key figure in the development of the GTA see many people wonder how his absence from RockStar Games will affect Grand Theft Auto VI which be coming out sometime in future. This announcement is rather interesting especially since Take-Two Interactive will be releasing their quarterly earnings report sometime within this week. Hopefully, we will learn more information within the next couple of days that will shed light on this shocking development regarding Dan Houser and RockStar Games.

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