The Success of Fire Emblem Heroes!!!!

As many people know by now Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile tactical RPG that has been popular on mobile devices since it initial release back in February 2017. While the spin-off game for Android & iOS Fire Emblem Heroes has definitely exceeded many people’s expectations in relation to how successful the game has become within the past three years. Its recently been revealed that Nintendo has earned over $1 billion in revenue as it pertains to mobile games with Fire Emblem Heroes being a large part of the company’s financial windfall. We have learned that Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed $500 million since its release in early 2017 and has surpassed the likes of Super Mario Run, Draglia Lost and other popular mobile games published by Nintendo between 2016-2019. Its quite interesting that a game like Fire Emblem Heroes has as much success as it did considering the fact that tactical role-playing games are not as popular today in comparison to Action-RPG’s. However, action role-playing games are generally popular on home consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch when docked.

While Fire Emblem Heroes is a very fun tactical role-playing its hard for many to believe in that the game would have much success on any other gaming device outside of the mobile category. However, Fire Emblem Heroes is still without a doubt one of if not the best mobile game that Nintendo had gave us during 10’s decade. The intriguing plot involving the warring nations of Askr & Embla along with the multiple expansion packs that was released between late 2017-late 2019 kept players interested in Fire Emblem Heroes. Based on how successful Fire Emblem Heroes has been within the past few years its probably safe to say that this game will still be on mobile devices for the next few years or so.

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