Duelyst confirmed to have its online severs shut down soon!!!

As far as big news within the gaming is world is concerned many people are talking about the recent announcement regarding Duelyst shutting down its online serves within the near future. For those who do not know Duelyst was made by indie video game developer Counterplay Games and was initially released for various computers devices back in 2016. Duelyst was a pretty unique tactical role-playing gameplay because it was a collectible card title with elements of turn-based gameplay. While Duelyst had appeared on iOS following its initial release it did not last long and was a game that ended becoming more popular on Microsoft Windows overall. Since its initial release the game had received at least six different expansions packs with the likes of “Denizens of Shim “Zar”, “Rise Of The Bloodborn”, “Ancient Bonds”, “Unearthed Prophecy”, “Immortal Vanguard” and “Trial Of Mythron” between 2016-2018. Seeing how the online servers for Duelyst is expected to shut down in February 2020 its possible that “Trial Of Mythron” will be the last expansion pack that we see for the tactical RPG.

In fact, its a guarantee that the “Trial Of Mythron” expansion pack from late-2018 will the last since Duelyst has reportedly seen a rapidly declining number of people playing the game itself. Considering the fact that Duelyst is a few years old along with the fact that card based role playing games are not too popular in this day and age it’s not too surprising that its servers are shutting down soon. Despite, Duelyst receiving mainly positive reviews from critics and players it was a game that was most likely overshadowed by the likes of Overwatch and Fornite between 2016-2017. While some people may have no problem with seeing some type of sequel for Duelyst Bandi Namco Entertainment has made no announcements regarding that possibility.

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