New Tetris mobile app available for smartphones !!!!

As many people may have heard we will be getting a new mobile app for Android & iOS Tetris games that have recently disappeared online. It turns out that a mobile developer named N3work will be responsible for this new app which will allow people to access some of their favorite titles from the Tetris series. As it currently stands the new Tetris app is currently accessible through the App Store on mobile devices along with Google Play for those who are huge fans of the puzzle series. It turns out that this new Tetris mobile app is supposed to replace a couple of older apps developed by Electronic Arts which are all expected shut down this upcoming Spring in April 2020. While the new Tetris mobile app itself is free people can choose to pay $4.99 to eliminate video ads while enjoying their service. The news regarding Tetris new mobile app is one that has casted the series into the spotlight as of late along with the popularity of Tetris 99 from this past year.

The mobile app is just one thing that everybody is talking about right as it pertains to the Tetris series as a whole. Recently, there has been rumors swirling around that gaming developer N3twork has been working on a 100 player battle royale version of Tetris known as “Tetris Royale” which is expected to be released before the end of 2020. Hopefully, we will learn more information about these rumors as the year progresses but it will be interesting to see how popular this new Tetris mobile app will become throughout 2020. While Tetris 99 is still a unique attraction on the Nintendo Switch having an installment with a 100 person battle royale mode on mobile devices would be one that people would definitely love to see.

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