Mirror’s Edge (2008) vs Gravity Rush (2012) which was more successful?

When we think about popular action-adventure games from the late 00’s-early 10’s time period both Mirror’s Edge along with Gravity Rush are two titles that come to mind. Both games included female protagonists who were considered to be heroic figures since they battled against oppressive authority regimes within their respective society. While Mirror’s Edge and Gravity Rush had alluring visuals and good storytelling they were both games that were arguably overshadowed in relation to the action-adventure genre following their releases. In 2008, we saw the release of action-adventure titles such as Devil May Cry 4, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Prince Of Persia and Metal Gear Solid: Guns Of The Patriots. There were a bunch of action-adventure titles back in ’08 which were bigger attractions than Mirrors Edge despite it being a high quality first person action-adventure game it was not as popular as several other titles from that genre. Also, during 2012 we saw the release of several action-adventure games from that year that overshadowed Gravity Rush especially considering the fact that it was initially released for the PlayStation Vita. The top action-adventure games from ’12 that we got see on various consoles included Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed III, Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs and more.

There is no doubt that 2012 was a great year for the action-adventure genre of gaming and a title like Gravity Rush could have easily been overlooked if it appeared on the PlayStation 3. While Gravity Rush was one of the better games for the PlayStation Vita along the likes of P4: Golden it eventually ended up spawning a high profile sequel entitled Gravity Rush 2 which came out back in January 2017. While Mirror’s Edge eventually got its own sequel back in 2016 many would argue that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was not quite as popular as the original . While the visuals for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was beautiful the predicable storytelling along with the combat system were subjected to criticism by gaming publications. As far as which game between two titles was more successful overall many people would probably lean more towards the original Gravity Rush game than Mirror’s Edge. Gravity Rush was slightly more interesting than Mirror’s Edge especially since the element of manipulating gravity made it stand out more from typical action-adventure games from the early 10’s.

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