Persona 4 (2008) vs Persona 5 (2016) which game was more successful?

When we think about two of the best RPG titles to have emerged from the 00’s and 10’s decade Persona 4 along with Persona 5 instantly comes to mind. Persona 4 was initially released back in ’08 and since then two different television series and an animated film were released based on the game between ’11-’15. We also got to see the PS Vita port of the game known as Persona 4: Golden back in 2012; P4 Golden was arguably one of the best titles in general to have been released for the PS Vita when it was still available. In fact, Persona 4 was named as one of the greatest video games ever made by both fans and critics because it had various qualities that made a memorable classic. Persona 4 was suspenseful and had dramatic storytelling which featured unexpected twists and turns while emphasizing the vices of television. The setting for Persona 4 took place during ’11 and in some ways the game felt like it was ahead of its time considering the fact that it was released in 2008. While Persona 4 remained popular during the late 00’s-early 10’s time period everyone has been talking about Persona 5 since its initial release back in 2016.

While the story for Persona 4 seemingly had a darker tone the plot for Persona 5 also very interesting and focused on unraveling a mystery that threatened Tokyo along with the rest of the world. P5 focused on the roots of malevolent behavior of people while the main protagonist Joker along with a group known as the Thieves Of Hearts steal the “treasures” of the wicked to turn them good. Exploring the Metaverse and entering the subconscious realms of humans created by their distorted perception of the world was one that was intriguing in a different way compared to that of Persona 4. Along with great storytelling telling we got to see improved in game mechanics along with more superior visuals than what we got for Persona 4 back in 2008. Not was Persona 5 praised by various gaming entities following its release but it ended up becoming the fastest selling title within the entire series which started back in 1996. There is no quest that Persona 4 & 5 were two of the best installments within its series and people outside of Japan are currently waiting for the release of Persona 5: Royal Edition in March 2020. As far as which game was more superior between Persona 4 & 5 is one that is questionable and depends on who you ask.

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