Retro Gaming 10’s- Persona 4: Arena: (2012)

If you were a huge fan of fighting games during the early 10’s then you probably remember Persona 4: Arena which came out back in 2012. Persona 4: Arena was a game of great significance since it was the first main fighting title outside of the Persona RPG series. Unlike, most fighting games from the 10’s decade Persona 4: Arena included visual novel segments which really made it standout as it pertained to the game’s single player Story Mode. Aside from the main story for Persona 4 Arena the game included various other modes such as Score Attack & Challenge which were offline. Persona 4 Arena also included online multiplayer gameplay similar to many other major fighting games of this day and age. The actual gameplay of Persona 4: Arena was pretty unique with the inclusion of mechanics such as “Instant Kill” and “Awakening State” along with characters having the ability to have their respective personas attack during battles. As far as the actual development of Persona 4: Arena is concerned it began back in 2010 which was approximately two years following the release of Persona 4 back in 2008. Persona 4: Arena was released about a year after Persona 4: Golden was also released in 2012 along with Persona 4: Golden which initially came out in Japan during the Spring of that year.

The Persona 4 series in general was big during the first half of the 10’s decade to a point where the world got to see two different television series along with an animated film within between 2011-2014. In fact, Persona 4: Arena was highly praised by fans and critics alike following its release and eventually spawned a direct sequel in 2013 entitled Persona 4: Arena Ultimax which included enhanced gameplay & features. Also, Persona 4: Arena had received the award for “Best Fighting Game” at the Spike Video Game Awards back in 2012. The art design, storytelling and narrative were all strong points of Persona 4: Arena and was arguably one best fighting games the Atlus had made within the 10’s decade. Nowadays, you do not see too many visual novel fighting games similar to what we got with Persona 4: Arena which makes this game unique. Its possible that Persona 4: Arena could have won more awards in 2012 if the game did not have to compete with the likes of Dead Or Alive 5, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Soul Calibur V. Either way, Persona 4: Arena will always be remembered as a memorable classic from the early part of the 10’s decade by fans of the series to this day.

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