Retro Gaming 10’s- Gravity Rush: (2012)

As far a high profile action-adventure games are concerned as it relates to the 10’s one of the few titles that turned heads several years ago was Gravity Rush from 2012. For those who do not know Gravity Rush was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and it initially appeared on the PlayStation Vita in 2012 before being ported for the PS4 in various countries between late 2015- early 2016. Gravity Rush has a pretty bad but interesting story that revolves around a girl by the name of Kat and a mysterious cat named Dusty. As players progress the game they learn more about Kay’s backstory along with Dusty’s ability to control gravity. It turns out that Dusty had used her power to fight off creatures created by Nevi. In the game Kat & Dusty were regarded as a heroic figures and would often aid the police forces during her time in Hekseville. While Kat along with Dusty are viewed as heroes within Hekseville the game sees the emergence of the main antagonist Alderman D’nelica.

The reason that D’nelica is the main villain Gravity Rush is due to his desire to create an oppressive military state within Hekseville at almost everyone’s expense. To make matters worse D’nelica attempted to control both Hekseville and Navi with a weapon known as the Sea Anemone which ultimately got out hand once he initiated its self-destruct sequence; leading Kat and fellow allies Yunica and Raven to prevent destruction from occurring. There were many twists and turns in Gravity Rush that kept the story interesting while providing players with suspense and unpredictably as events unfolded within the game. One of the fascinating things about Gravity Rush included Kat’s adamant decision to steer clear of joining the military despite Nevi being a mutual threat. Also, characters such as Yunica who started of as a villain and member of the disbanded Jellyfish forces ended up aligning herself with Kat to stop D’nelica. Also, Syd who was a police officer that eventually became apart of Jellyfish military ended up committing “treason” as he attempted to help Kat following her being captured later in the game.

Similar to other popular action-adventure games from the late 00’s- early 10’s such as Mirror’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed II and Dishonored the theme for Gravity Rush revolved around the main protagonist fighting against corruption among authority figures within society; the storytelling aspect of Gravity Rush along with the art style were both impressive for a PS Vita game. In fact Gravity Rush was probably one of the coolest action-adventure games to have never appeared on the PlayStation 3. Gravity Rush was a game that was critically acclaimed by most people while spawning a successful sequel in 2017 which saw improvements as it related to in- mechanics. Sometimes its hard to believe that this cel-shaded action-adventure gem came out seven years ago during the tail end of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation of gaming. While Gravity Rush May not be considered among the best action-adventure titles of the 10’s decade its definitely one that many people still remember from 2012.

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