Will the absence of Virtual Reality hurt Project Scarlett?

Project Scarlett is one of the most highly anticipated game consoles of 2020 along with the PlayStation 5. Both Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 are expected to be released late in 2020 and each game system have their set of features that are appealing in some way. As it currently stands the price for Project Scarlett is not set in stone but we do know that it will range somewhere between $399-$499. The PlayStation 5 is expected to be priced around $499 at launch with the possibility of updated models be more expensive as time progresses. As far as features are concerned we do know that Project Scarlett will include Ray tracking, 120 fps gameplay in addition to 8K resolution and GDDR6 memory and a custom AMD Zen 2 processor. Microsoft is hyping Project Scarlett up to be the most powerful game console of the 20’s decade despite not having Virtual Reality features like the PlayStation 5. While Project Scarlett is said to be at least four times stronger than the Xbox One X and is backwards compatible with older generation games many might argue that Sony has the slight advantage as far as appeal is concerned since they are about to move into their second generation of Virtual Reality gameplay.

Its no secret that Microsoft has not been crazy about asking Virtual Reality an essential feature in relation to their game consoles. Microsoft seems more interested in streaming along with cloud based services while providing players with an optimal gaming experience. While the Nintendo Switch provides limited Virtual Reality features with the Nintendo Labo for certain games its certainly not the main attraction for that game system. The Switch console has reached over 32 million units in sales since its release back in March 2017 despite VR not being a huge part of its appeal. While competition with. As it currently competition within gaming world is heating up especially with the upcoming launch of Google Stadia on PC and Chromecast Ultra along with Apple Arcade turning heads of many people. As far as whether or not lack of VR capabilities will harm Project Scarlett is concerned its something that seems unlikely. Microsoft is not known for Virtual Reality like Sony is and the appeal of their consoles have been more dependent on providing superior quality more than anything else.

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