Sony shutting down PlayStation Vue services starting in January 2020!!!!

If you currently own a PlayStation 4 and enjoy the online service that Sony provides with the PlayStation Vue you will be disappointed to learn that Sony will be discontinuing it in January 2020. For those who do not know the PlayStation Vue has been around since March 2015 and it was a television service that allowed people to stream all kinds of shows and movies on various devices such as Apple TV, Android TV along with mobile devices including iOS. Some people are shocked to learn that Sony is discontinuing the PlayStation Vue especially since streaming is very popular right now. However, as far as streaming in general is concerned there is no question that competition is very high right now. When it comes down to television shows and movies more people are subscribers to apps such as Hulu & Netflix. Also, many people watch YouTube more than they do actual television and that is something that has definitely effect the amount of subscribers or lack there of that Sony currently has for the PlayStation Vue.

It should be noted that the PlayStation Vue reportedly had over 750,000 subscribers for the television service back in September 2018. Despite, the PS4 being the best selling game console of the 10’s decade it seems like people are not interested in the PlayStation Vue. Sony is better known for the services they provide as it relates to gaming and that’s something that may not change anytime soon. The official date regarding the discontinuation of the PlayStation Vue is January 30th which gives current subscribers about three months to enjoy the television service if they have not already cancelled their subscription.

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