Retro Gaming 10’s- Dishonored: (2012)

When it comes down to action-adventure titles from the early 10’s one of the many names that people think about is Bethesda’s Dishonored game from 2012. Dishonored was developed by Arkane Studios and was released for multiple game consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and eventually the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015. This first person action-adventure stealth game was one that was interesting especially considering the fact that the setting took place within a fictional industrial city between the later part of the 19th century and the early half of the 20th century. The plot for Dishonored is rather dark but intriguing since emphasis is placed on government corruption in relation to Dunwall which is considered to be the capital of the Empire Of Isles. It turns out Dunwall is powered by whale oil which turns out to be a resource that has ultimately lead to government corruption within the city. The creation of advanced weapons from whale oil and the government’s desire for control has contributed to the suffering of civilians. The Dunwall government had planed to separate the rich from the low class citizens of the city who live in deplorable conditions as a scheme to wipe them out from existence.

The story about the corrupt government regime in Dunwall is even darker considering the fact that their rise to power came following the demise of the city’s Empress and abduction of her daughter. A resistance group known as the Loyalists make it their main goal to overthrow the corrupt government in order for the Empress’s daughter to take her rightful place as the ruler of Dunwall. In Dishonored players control a skilled assassin by the name of Corvo Attano. One of the few things about the Corvo character that was a bit interesting was the fact that he was silent protagonist. The idea of the main protagonist being silent while being accused of murdering Empress felt creative; mainly because there are not too many games that sees a silent protagonist in such a dark storyline where they are initially believed to be villains. While Corvo eventually aligns himself with the Loyalists players get to use him and his supernatural abilities given to him by the Outsider to complete various missions throughout the game.

The stealth and combat elements of Dishonored are the things that people were highly fond about following its release; along with the narrative as it relates to the storytelling aspect of the game. The revelation of Lord Regent’s involvement in the assassination of the Empress while framing Corvo made him out to be a very sinister antagonist. The fact that Lord Regent’s wanted to put Corvo to death after framing him spoke volumes on the amount of despotism that existed among government in Dunwall. In addition to having a superb storyline the inclusion of good/evil endings depending on how many people the player had killed throughout the game was also a pretty cool feature as well. While Dishonored did go on to have a successful sequel in 2015 some would argue that the original game was the best of the two. Not only did Dishonored receive high praise & ratings from various gaming publications but it was also considered to be one of the best action-adventure games of 2012.

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