Fortnite Chapter 2 emerges from the Black Hole Event!!!!

The Fortnite Chapter 10 End Of The World event was such a big deal on October 13th and drew so much mainstream attention especially considering how popular the game has been since 2017. The way that Chapter 2 Season 11 of Fortnite was introduced was pretty spectacular especially considering the fact that nothing like the Black Hole Event following the end of Season 10 was unlike anything many people had ever seen in the gaming world. There were over 6 million people on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Twitch any YouTube who were online when the Black Hole Event happened wondering what was going to happen next. About two days following the Black Hole Event millions of Fortnite players saw the emergence of Chapter 2 Season 11 with the introduction of a brand new overworld map. Along the inclusion of a brand new map players are provided with a new battle pass which provides them with the privilege of unlocking various bonus items for less money compared to any of the previous seasons in Chapter 1.

Epic Games had also added some additional features including new ways to earn in-game rewards along with a new level up system. These were all features that the world learned about following the trailer that Epic Games had provided following the Black Hole Event. While many people are ecstatic about some of the changes in Fortnite Season 11 there are a few features that some are not too crazy about such as the inclusion on “bots”. While Fortnite still has plenty of urban territories for people to explore Season 11 will place more emphasis other activities such as swimming and fishing since there will be more forests and rivers than in comparison to the previous seasons. As time progresses we will most likely learn more about details regarding Fortnite Season 11 hopefully before 2020. As a Battle Royale game Fortnite is quite possibly the biggest title within the gaming world right now. Fortnite earned at least $2.4 billion in revenue back in 2018 and is still considered to be a huge attraction to casual gamers today. It will be interesting to see how successful Season 11 of Fortnite will be along with the rest of Chapter 2 for that matter.

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